Richard at Smart Start Consulting has been an invaluable asset to my entrepreneurial journey. His guidance has not only led me to reconsider the platform upon which I was coding my app, but his insights into hiring strategies have proven instrumental in assembling a competent team.

Moreover, Richard's emphasis on long-term vision and strategic planning has fundamentally shaped the trajectory of my business, instilling in me the foresight necessary for sustained success. I am deeply grateful for his expertise and unwavering support. 

Talin Russo - Founder, Elevated App

Very grateful to Richard and Rendra for all the work in tandem in sorting out all the 30 years of our IT material and placing them all on one platform going forward.

Dr. Natteri V. Chandran - Founder, The East West Foundation

Richard, thank you for taking the time to connect with Host Papa and for putting the report together. As a non-tech person, I found the points covered easy to understand and the Youtube links are helpful. Those videos do seem to indicate that, once our site is brought up to date, the maintenance process should not be too difficult. 

Justin Murphy - Ashburton Riders Club

Richard is an accomplished project manager and has a particular flair in stakeholder management. I've known Richard for over sixteen years and his sound skills and abilities have grown stronger over the years. He is skilled in juggling multiple competing priorities and making sound priority calls. Richard's energy, skills and positive attitude will make him an asset to any team with big ideas that need to be brought to life through structured project implementation.

Simon Lang - Bank of New Zealand

Richard reported to me when he was the senior project manager leading the SAP BS11 project at NAB. Under challenging circumstances Richard managed an Agile team of cloud and SAP specialists to deliver the design and migration approach for moving a carved out instance of SAP from on-prem to the Azure cloud for BNZ. Richard applied his Agile skills and his interpersonal skills to motivate the team and maintain momentum of activities and deliver in an iterative manner. Richard coordinated the cross NAB/BNZ delivery teams to manage the list of critical project deliverables and blockers, maintained regular updates and communication with the project stakeholders. Given the opportunity I would be very happy to work with Richard again.

Linda Chew - National Australia Bank