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Welcome to Smart Start Consulting

Every organisation wanting to transform their operations to achieve better outcomes wants their project to be done right the first time and to provide the desired benefits in a timely and cost effective manner.

So often it is in the crucial early stages of a technology project that things can go wrong and create a world of pain for all involved. 

Let us work with you to understand your requirements and set up your project to get it going in the right direction, right from the start!

What we do

Smart Start Consulting works with business owners to set up your IT project.

We will advise you on how to avoid the pitfalls that many encounter like progress stagnation, solution inadequacy and contractual disputation. Please review our Services.

Our Focus

Clients of Smart Start Consulting are those organisations that are wanting to grow with the assistance of an experienced adviser and able to support the consumption of cost conscious advice and input from a seasoned IT project practitioner. Short term engagement is the primary service offering.

How we are different

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Striven ERP Implementation Partner

Smart Start Consulting has been appointed as a Striven ERP Full Service Partner!

Striven is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning, business management solution that allows you to keep on top of your key business operations. Areas covered are Sales, Distribution, Manufacturing, Procurement, Inventory, Human Resources and Finance.

Contact us today to book a full evaluation of your needs and to discuss how we can meet your requirements.

Smart Start Consulting is a member of the service provider panel at Melbourne's North Food Group

Smart Start Consulting supports the State Emergency Services and the Street Smart Handbook

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