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Information Technology


Did you know ...

  • 66% of software projects exceeded their budget, 33% overran their schedule and 17% fell short on benefits in 2011 (McKinsey 2012)

  • 75% of all ERP projects failed to meet cost, time or quality targets in 2015 (Gartner 2016)

  • 70% of projects were not delivered to cost, time, scope or stakeholder satisfaction during 2019 (KPMG 2020)

IT projects continue to fail, causing impacts to profits, reputation and morale

Start your

IT project right with

Smart Start Consulting

What we do

At Smart Start Consulting we work with small and medium enterprises to set up and guide the management of your IT project. We work with the business owner to understand the desired outcome, determine what needs to be done and create the structures to allow the successful delivery of the project. We look after your interests and will set you up to avoid the many pitfalls that frequently impact IT projects.

Smart Start Consulting's unique flight plan

Take off

  • Initial consultation

  • Detailed analysis

Straight and level

  • Focus on outcomes

  • Active risk/issue management

  • Tailored and actionable report

  • In-flight reviews


  • Emphasis on value and ROI

  • Post implementation review

The benefits


  • The outcomes to be delivered in business terms

  • When you will receive the outcomes

  • How much it will cost

  • Who is responsible for what / project RACI framework / governance


  • Predictable

  • No surprises

Good Experience

  • Minimal stress

  • Enjoy uplifting business capability rather than staying awake at night

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